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XBRL Wizard Standard

XBRL Wizard Standard Version

It is that simple.

XBRL Wizard is the ultimate easy-to-use system providing you with high comfort, so you can report the financial statement in XBRL without changing your existing routines. You just do as you normally would, and then use XBRL Wizard for all the necessary conversion.

And that’s really all you need to know. You do not need to have the slightest knowledge about XBRL to use the system, and in addition your XBRL files will be produced easily and efficiently.

The system understands all kinds of the custom made accounting reports and translates them into XBRL format via advanced text recognition. If word recognition is not possible it is easy to tag to the correct place in the taxonomy.

The system supports Excel, Word, PDF, WordPerfect and Lotus, and handles both numbers and text. So whatever you use for your annual Report just import it into XBRL Wizard and the system will do the rest.

High degree of certainty against failure

XBRL Wizard contains a number of validation tools that ensure validation of your report, eliminating errors – or find them in time to correct the document before sending the XBRL file:

  • Automatic quality assurance of the content in XBRL file – The system checks if the numbers in the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement balance, and if the content of XBRL file matches the original file both on the retail level and on all sum levels
  • Automatic Reconciliation – The system performs reconciliation between the content of the notes and income statement / balance sheet
  • Instant Notification – You will be informed if part of the content in the accounts that are not mapped to XBRL file
  • Easy Comparison – You can print an XBRL report, so you can validate it against the original accounts.


You can get XBRL Wizard Standard in both single-and multi-user version. The price for the Single-user version starts from kr. 5,000 DKK plus 3.500 an annual user fee.

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